(Please Enclose GST documents)

Territory in which you propose to operate:

Bank Details:

Terms & Conditions:-
1. The product once sold cannot be taken back.

2. The proposed warranty is only on manufacturing fault and working.
3. There is no warranty in any accidental case.
4. Dealer have to maintain minimum product quantity fixed by the company.
5. Dealer would have to provide service in the field. If there prevails any unsolved or serious problem then only the company will provide service.
6. Dealer will have to deposit Rs. 50,000 security money until dealership validity without any interest.
7. The mode of payment would be 100% payment before dispatch.
8. Dealer would have to mention all the implements he wants to deal in on their letter head with sign and stamp.
9. Before each season every dealer must submit an advance planning order with 25% advance payment.
10. If any Dealer has not opted some product for dealership or they are not able to sell the proposed products then the company have the right to authorize other dealer for the same.
11. All legal matters are subject to Sangaria jurisdiction.